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We call it a “Community Library”, so what does that mean?

 It’s part of North Lincolnshire’s Library Service, and has access not only to its own stock (which is regularly changed), but also the entire stock of North Lincolnshire Libraries and beyond, fiction, non-fiction, large print, talking books and books for youngsters of all ages.

 The difference is that it’s entirely staffed by a team of trained volunteers from the local community, who work shifts to provide a facility for Broughton on five days a week.

 Anything else? Not a lot, really, except that there’s a very homely friendliness and an informality that you don’t often get in a traditional library setting.

 For instance, what could be friendlier in a Library than no fines if your books are overdue? Or no charges for reservations, delivered to the Library itself for you to collect? Or free Internet access for library-card holders? Or free tea or coffee? (O.K., you usually have to make that yourself, but you can’t then complain that it’s not the way you like it, can you?)

 Broughton Community Library first opened in September 2012, but now is going to extend its hours and be open on five days a week, not just four: the hour between 5 and 6  on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons never had many people coming in, so the team has decided to transfer those two hours to Tuesday mornings, and add another half hour just for fun!

 This means that, from 1 March 2014, the new opening hours are: 

  • Monday and Tuesday: 9.30 a.m. – 12 noon
  • Wednesday and Thursday: 1.00 – 5.00 p.m.
  •  Saturday: 9.30 a.m. – 12 noon 

Unfortunately, another difference is that there may be odd times when no volunteers are available and the Library has to be closed temporarily for a session or part of a session. Anyone willing to give some time to our very successful Community Library will be made most welcome: just come in and have a word with whoever’s on duty.

 Broughton Community Library, tel. (01652) 600816

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